What does AAB mean in CrossFit?

AAB – Air Assault Bike.

What does DB mean in CrossFit?

DB: Dumb Bell. BRL: Back Rack Lunge. BB: Barbell. OHL: Overhead Lunge. HSPU: Handstand Push-up.

What do the CrossFit numbers mean?

(“number”/”number”): men’s prescribed weight/women’s prescribed weight; ex: (135/95) so men use 135lbs and women use 95lbs. #: lbs, pounds.

What is SC CrossFit?

SC stands for Squat Clean. A squat clean is the movement of a clean that turns into a front squat. … SQ refers to the Squat, one of the most foundational movements in CrossFit.

What does 2rm mean?

Repetition maximum is often expressed as 1RM or one-repetition maximum. This indicates the heaviest weight you can lift with maximum effort in a single repetition.

What does DB stand for?

Acronym Definition
DB Database
DB Decibel
DB Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railways, 1994 amalgamation with Deutsche Reichsbahn, aka DBAG)
DB Double

What does Oly stand for in CrossFit?

Olympic Lifting, Oly Lifting, O-lifting:

Olympic weightlifting, specifically the barbell movements and any of their variations or exercises related to the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

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Why does CrossFit call it a box?

Where do we workout? The Box = a crossfit gym. It’s called a box because it’s typically in a warehouse-type space. Instead of seeing the machines you see in a typical gym, you’re more likely to see stacks of weights, barbells, pull-up bars and lots of open space.

What does 20.1 mean in CrossFit?

Workout 20.1 featured a 10-round couplet of ground-to-overheads and bar-facing burpees. The workout was for time but included a challenging 15-minute time cap. For time-capped athletes, this was similar to 19.1, which was a 15-minute AMRAP of wall balls and rowing for calories.

What is a CrossFit up down?

From the bottom press your upper body back up away from the floor, by pushing down with your hands. … Transfer your bodyweight back into your legs and stand up as if you are doing the upward part of a squat. Once standing, start running in place again for another 4 strides then do another burpee.

What is Rx in CrossFit?

RX: When a WOD is performed RX’d, that means the athlete performs all modalities using the prescribed weight and reps. In CrossFit, all WODs can be scaled down to meet your fitness level, but the goal is to get to a place where the RX is challenging, yet doable.

Who invented CrossFit?


What does WOD mean in slang?

All of a sudden, you have to translate terms like “WOD” (workout of the day) and “metcon” (metabolic conditioning).

What does good form mean?

phrase. If you say that someone is in good form, you mean that they seem healthy and cheerful.

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What does RN mean?

“Right Now” is the most common definition for RN on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. RN. Definition: Right Now.

What does RM mean in texting?

RM is an abbreviation for room that is typically used online to refer to a chat room. It may also be used in text messages to refer to any actual physical room, such as a bedroom or classroom.