How do I freeze my pure gym membership?

Can I freeze my Puregym membership?

Freeze your membership at least 4 days before your next payment date for up to 3 months. You can freeze your membership using the members’ area or use the app.

How do I freeze my the gym membership?

You are able to freeze your membership in the members’ area on our website. Please note your membership and PIN will be frozen immediately.

Can I freeze my 24 Hour Fitness membership online?

courtesy freeze if you are a Monthly Payment member, and remain on freeze for as long as you like for a nominal monthly fee. To do this: log into My24 and click Freeze Membership. You may also contact your club and ask a team member for assistance.

How do I cancel my membership at Pure Fitness?

If you wish to cancel this agreement within the first 7 day of signing the contract you may do so by notifying Pure Fitness and signing a cancellation form at Pure Fitness. Any cost you have pre-paid to Pure Fitness will be forfeited.

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What happens when you freeze your PureGym membership?

You won’t pay while your gym is closed.

All payments will be frozen so you will not be charged during this closure – we will take care of everything so there is nothing you need to do. If you want to take a break from the gym you can freeze your membership for 1 month for free.

Can I use someone else’s PureGym code?

General Gym Rules. Use your own PIN number every time you visit PureGym. As it’s personal to you, please don’t let anyone else use it or we’ll have to change it.

What happens if I cancel my gym direct debit?

You will continue to owe the gym money, which they can recover in the usual ways. It will affect your credit score and they could take you to court over the unpaid fees. See if there is any way you can legitimately get out of the contract, just cancelling payments does nothing.

Can I freeze my membership at the gym?

If you make regular Monthly Membership Amount payments you may Freeze your Membership at any time and for any period, using the online Member Area. When your Membership is frozen, your PIN number will be deactivated and you will pay a reduced Monthly Membership Amount.

How do I quit a pump at the gym?

How do I cancel my membership? ​To cancel your membership, just cancel your direct debit with your bank. (It takes 5 working days to cancel a direct debit) Don’t forget, if you are going away for a while you can freeze your membership for FREE*. It takes 5 working days to process a freeze.

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How do I cancel my membership at 24?

5002 Contact Member Services: Mon – Fri: 6am – 6pm PT 800.432. 6348 Cancel Your Membership: Mon – Fri: 6am – 6pm PT 866.308. 8179 Mail 24 Hour Fitness Member Services PO Box 2689 Carlsbad, CA 92018 Find a Club My24 Account Company * About Us…

Can I get a refund from 24 Hour Fitness?

Cancellation within 3-5 days of initial purchase:

You are entitled to a 3 day (5 days in CA and HI) cooling off period, meaning that if you notify 24 Hour Fitness within 3 days of your initial purchase (5 days in CA and HI), you will receive a full refund.

Will 24 Hour Fitness go out of business?

24 Hour Fitness Successfully Emerges from Financial Restructuring. On December 30, 2020, 24 Hour Fitness successfully emerged from the chapter 11 process. Our financial restructuring is now complete, and we are excited to be moving into 2021 as a strong and forward-looking company.

How much is a pure fitness membership?

HIT45. Joining fee: No sign-up fees. Cost of membership: Memberships can be paid monthly, weekly or on a session-by-session basis. A single session is $295, unlimited access for 7 days is $750 and unlimited access for a one-month period is $2,500.