Your question: What muscles do wide grip bench press work?

This exercise puts most of its focus squarely on working the pecs (specifically the pectoralis major, or “lower pecs”), but the upper pectoralis major, the anterior deltoids of the front shoulder and the triceps are also engaged as synergists — muscles that help other muscles complete a movement.

What does wide grip bench press work?

The wide grip bench press allows you to maximally recruit the pec muscles, which are responsible for producing maximum force off the chest. In addition, a wide grip bench press reduces the range of motion of the movement, which decreases the amount of work required to press the barbell.

Is wide grip better for chest?

Using a wider grip is usually better for our chests. It gives our chest muscles the best leverage, and it also stops our shoulders from being a limiting factor. As a result, most bodybuilders use a wide grip to bulk up their chests, and most powerlifters use a wide grip to bench more weight.

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What muscles does close grip bench press work?

The close grip bench press is an upper body compound exercise that targets the triceps muscles. The secondary muscles involved are your chest and shoulders. Using a narrow grip is shown to be a great alternative method to increase upper body pushing strength.

Which is better close grip or wide grip bench press?

This study confirmed the classic theory that a wide grip bench will activate the lower chest more while a close grip bench will hit the triceps harder. Utilize both grip widths in your training to maximize upper body development and bench press strength!

Is close-grip bench better for chest?

Summary. The close-grip bench press is an assistance lift for the bench press that puts more emphasis on the shoulders, upper chest, and triceps. … It uses a deeper range of motion than the incline bench press, which should, in theory, make it better for building the front delts and upper chest.

How much can a average man bench press?

Statistics show that the average, untrained man should be able to bench press at least 135 pounds.

What bench grip is best for chest?

The traditional grip is the most common grip used for Benching, and it offers a nice balance of comfort and control. For most people, the traditional grip allows them to move the most weight. “The traditional grip provides a good combination of speed off the chest and range of motion,” Bonvechio says.

Are you supposed to touch your chest when benching?

For regular, flat bench pressing, you should train by letting the bar touch the pecs. If you can’t do it, lower the amount of weights on the bar and make sure to have proper form. The lowest quarter of the press, when it is close to your body is strectching the pecs and overloading the deltoids.

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What are 2 pros of close grip bench?

The close-grip bench press is a great bench press variation that increases triceps strength and hypertrophy, lockout performance, and can help minimize stress on the shoulders.

Is reverse grip bench press good?

The reverse grip bench press is good for targeting your upper chest muscles and for significantly changing the range of motion, making it a great replacement during a deload or in response to an elbow or shoulder injury.

Where should I grip my bench press?

How Wide Should Your Bench-Press Grip Be?

  1. Close Grip. With your hands just 10-12 inches apart, this is similar to what you’d use for the close-grip bench press during arm training. …
  2. Wide Grip. With your hands much closer to the weight plates, the angle of your forearms is beyond perpendicular to the floor. …
  3. Normal Grip. …
  4. Reverse Grip, Just Outside Shoulder-Width.

How many times a week should I do bench press?

Benching twice a week is ideal for most people looking to build a stronger bench. You can go heavy one day and work on speed or reps the second day. Don’t be afraid to do the same workout twice each week, aiming to improve bar speed and technique each time.

How much harder is close grip bench?

Close grip has always been like 5-10% stronger. I’ve gone months doing nothing but wide grip, but CG is still stronger. I’ve done DUP style programs where I work multiple grips, CG is still stronger.

Why is my bench so weak?

If you’re getting weaker in a lift, it is usually because you’re not letting your body recover, or maybe you’ve simply just stalled out, it happens to everyone, and this is when you change things up, maybe you up your frequency, but lower the volume per workout, maybe change rep range, maybe work on technique.

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How much should I be benching?

Bench press average by age

Age Total weight
20–29 100 percent of your body weight
30–39 90 percent of your body weight
40–49 80 percent of your body weight
50–59 75 percent of your body weight