How many dark type gym leaders are there?

The fact that there have only been two Dark type gym leaders across eight generations, and they’re both from the latest entry in the series, says a lot.

Are there any dark type gym leaders?

The Dark-type Gym Leader is a heavy metal singer named Piers, who is based on the British rock star stereotype. Piers’ Gym doesn’t have the facilities to host a battle between Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokémon, so the fight against his team is similar to that of the older Pokémon games.

How many gym leaders are there?

There are a total of eight Gym Leaders in each region, usually all eight gym leaders in a region will specialize in a different type of Pokémon, the most recurring type for the first gym is Rock due to both Grass and Water being super effective against it.

Who is the dark type gym leader?

Piers (Japanese: ネズ Nezu) is the Gym Leader of Spikemuth and the captain of Team Yell. He specializes in Dark-type Pokémon. He gives the Dark Badge to Trainers who defeat him.

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Who is the first dark type gym leader?

Zeek is the first Gym Leader to focus in the Dark type. Other notable Trainers with Dark-type Pokémon speciality in core series installments before this game are Karen, Sidney, Grimsley and Nanu, but the first 3 are Elite Four members, while the last one is an Island Kahuna.

Is there a normal type gym leader?

It is based on Normal-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Lenora.

Nacrene Gym.

Nacrene Gym シッポウジム Shippou Gym
Location Nacrene City
Gym Leader Lenora
Badge Basic Badge
Dominant Type Normal

Who is the oldest gym leader in Pokemon?

1 Opal: 88-Years-Old

The oldest Gym Leader of them all is from the most recent game: Sword and Shield. At 88-years-old, Opal serves as a Fairy-type specialist in Ballonea’s gym.

Who is the strongest gym leader?

Top 10 Strongest Gym Leaders in “Pokémon”

  • Blue. Type: Varied. Badge: Earth Badge.
  • Norman. Type: Normal. Badge: Balance Badge. …
  • Falkner. Type: Flying. Badge: Zephyr Badge. …
  • Winona. Type: Flying. Badge: Feather Badge. …
  • Brock. Type: Rock. Badge: Boulder Badge. …
  • Clair. Type: Dragon. Badge: Rising Badge. …
  • Morty. Type: Ghost. Badge: Fog Badge. …
  • Wallace. Type: Water. Badge: Rain Badge. …

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Does Ash ever become a gym leader?

Ash Ketchum, the hero of the “Pokémon” animated series, has finally become a Pokémon Master after more than 20 years of adventures. Joined by his iconic partner Pikachu, Ash left home in the first episode of “Pokémon” with the dream of becoming a master Pokémon trainer.

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Is Marnie a gym leader?

Marnie (Japanese: マリィ Mary) is one of the rival characters in Pokémon Sword and Shield, the others being Hop and Bede, and specializes in Dark-type Pokémon. … As the Spikemuth Gym Leader, she gives the Dark Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

Can you rechallenge gym leaders?

To re-battle a Gym Leader, the player has to first obtain the Gym Leader’s number. Following that, the player can call the Gym Leader at any time, but the Gym Leader will only accept a rematch when their schedule is free.

Who are the 8 gym leaders in Kanto?

Kanto Gym Leaders

  • Brock.
  • Misty.
  • Lt. Surge.
  • Erika.
  • Janine.
  • Sabrina.
  • Blaine.
  • Giovanni.

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What is dark type weakness?

The Dark type, along with the Steel type, was introduced in Generation II in order to balance against Psychic type, so it is immune to Psychic attacks. … Dark Pokémon have a single Ground weakness if their other type is Poison, which nullifies all of Dark type’s other weaknesses.

Is Allister a boy or girl?


Allister オニオン Onion
“The silent boy of mystery!”
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Black

How old is Misty?

Ash’s first time traveling friend, Misty is a 10-year-old Pokémon trainer who journeys with him throughout the first five seasons. She is one of the four gym leaders of Cerulean City along with her three older sisters.

Can you actually become the fairy gym leader?

The Gym specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon. During the Gym Challenge, Gym Challengers battle the Gym Leader Opal to earn the Fairy Badge. After the player has earned all eight Badges, Bede, who was chosen by Opal to be her successor, takes her place as the Ballonlea Gym Leader.

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