Question: How much is a UFC gym franchise?

How much is it to sign up for UFC Gym?


Initiation Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $99.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $69.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $0.00
All Club Access Prices

Is UFC gym owned by UFC?

The UFC owns 50 percent of UFC Gym, Santa Ana, California. The UFC buyers are a consortium of players led by talent agency WME| IMG, Beverly Hills, California, which will be the operating partner of UFC, according to the media release.

How much do UFC Gym trainers make?

Total Pay Average

The typical UFC Gym Personal Trainer salary is $25. Personal Trainer salaries at UFC Gym can range from $9 – $36.

Are Gym franchises profitable?

However, according to the company website, franchisees can expect a greater than 25 percent return on investment in a franchise’s second year, even after royalties and advertising. That comes from a median annual membership revenue of around $1.7 million and a median operating income of $567,000.

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Is UFC Gym expensive?

Once you pay the starter fee, it’s only a monthly fee, like almost any other gym. The UFC gym membership cost is divvied up in a few different areas that you can’t find at home, or even at another gym.


Starter Fee $200.00
Monthly Dues $79.99
Pay Entire Annually Starter Fee – $199.00 $835.00

Does UFC gym teach you how do you fight?

UFC gyms offer two types of class, fitness and technique. Fitness classes most of the time will take place on the heavy bags and the technique classes will take place it either a ring or mat. … As for MMA… you will not become a fighter at a UFC Gym.

What is the age limit for UFC?

All records will be verified on & If we cannot verify your record on either of these sites you will NOT be eligible to tryout. 3. You must be between the ages of 21 and 34 years of age and have the legal ability to live and work in the United States.

Who owns UFC Gym?

Co-Founder of UFC Gym Mark Mastrov started his fitness career working as a sales representative. Mastrov is also an owner of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. Fellow co-founder Jim Rowley is a former marine who served eight years with the U.S. Marine Corps.

How much is UFC gym per month?

UFC Gym Prices

Item Price
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $99.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $69.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $0.00
All Club Access
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How much do gym receptionists make?

The national average salary for a Gym Receptionist is $27,965 in United States. Filter by location to see Gym Receptionist salaries in your area.

What does UFC Gym stand for?

WE ARE UFC GYM. We are the original. The world leader. The trail-blazer of MMA-inspired fitness. Rooted in authenticity, we are an extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® and proud to make the training programs and benefits of elite MMA athletes accessible to all, regardless of age or athletic ability.

Who are the richest UFC fighters?

Conor McGregor tops the list of all-time highest-paid UFC fighters.

Why do gyms fail?

“Other than being under-capitalized, the biggest reason we see for health club failure is lack of business know-how and lack of proper implementation of sales and marketing strategies,” points out Thomas. “Another common misconception that many new gym owners have is that the gym will sell itself.”

Is owning a gym a good investment?

The price of starting a gym is an enormous cash investment that you’ve got to be willing to risk, along with your good credit if things go south. … So if you’re looking for a labor of love, then the gym business is a homerun. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Is it expensive to open a gym?

One-time costs. Make no mistake, the initial costs of opening a gym aren’t cheap. … Gym equipment – this cost similarly has a large range, depending on the amount and type of equipment you want. Think somewhere between $10,000 for a personal studio to $50,000 for a fully-equipped commercial gym.

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